YSiC. The Yeast Silicon Cell: a molecular systems biology approach

 (coordinator Lilia Alberghina, Milano; co-coordinator Hans V. Westerhoff, Amsterdam)

(info: lilia.alberghina@unimib.it, hw@bio.vu.nl)

 Computer models and in silico experiments are required to integrate the ever increasing information delivered by post-genomic techniques, the ultimate goal being to reproduce in silico the major properties of the life cycle of the chosen model cell. This IP proposes a concerted European effort towards the first computer replica of the organism for which more advanced technological tools are available, i.e. the yeast S. cerevisiae, to serve as a model for (in silico) human cell biology. The IP will deliver an in silico cell of interest for the biotechnological industry to accelerate drug discovery and to enable more efficient production of fine chemicals by fermentation of rationally engineered strains. Excellent yeast groups willing to participate in the collection of quantitative biochemical, genetic and physiological data and excellent systems engineers interested to implement these in the Yeast Silicon Cell are welcomed to the initiative.

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